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Thrillist names Robert the Doll Experience A Best Ghost Tour in the Country

Robert the doll holding a toy lion

October 8, 2022: The popular website has named Ghost Key West’s (aka as Sloan’s Key West Ghost Adventures) Robert the Doll Experience one of the Best Ghost Tours in America.

The article says, “Guests on the Key West Ghost Adventures tour get a chance to meet him in person for 25 minutes–and he’s completely locked up during the visit. Did we mention Robert is a doll? Which is – inarguably – the scariest kind of haunted object. Considered one of the top ghost tours in the country, this guided hunt through Fort East Martello also includes loads of Key West history and numerous other spirits. This is no hokey tour, as guests are given some serious equipment, like thermal imagers and electromagnetic field detectors. So expect some high potential for paranormal activity.” See the full article here:

Book you Key West Ghost Tour with Robert the Doll for an unusual and offbeat adventure. Robert the Doll Experience.

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