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Key West Ghost Tours and
Robert the Doll Experiences in Florida


The World’s Most Haunted Doll in Key West is Dying to Meet You!

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About the Robert the Doll Tour

The Robert the Doll Ghost Tour is locally-owned and operated by the Sloan family. Check out this video for more on their connection to Robert the Doll and Fort East Martello Museum.

Your ghost tour ticket directly benefits Key West’s oldest non-profit organization — The Key West Art & Historical Society.


  • When the guided ghost tour ends, we turn off the lights and set our VIP ticket holders loose in the fort for an hour, armed with only flashlights and ghost-hunting equipment.
  • A map of the fort’s haunted hotspots, additional equipment, and paranormal challenges are provided.
  • This is a rare opportunity to explore one of America’s most haunted destinations unaccompanied and alone in the dark.
  • The General Admission experience is included in your VIP ticket price. 

Robert the Doll has been featured in major media all over the world!

Join Us for a Haunted Tour in Key West!

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We decided to check out the ghost tour and really enjoyed it. My girlfriend is a Robert the doll fanatic and we enjoyed the fact how engaging it was, how we got to participate in it and how eveyone got to have fun with it. The way the tour flowed from one area to another with different rooms, sections of the fort and artifacts where very thought out.

– Anthony S • Google
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I brought my nieces , nephews, cousins and adults to the tour. Kids were 11-16 years old. WOW I have never seen everyone so engaged for that length of time, jaws dropping, learning history and being participate in the ghost hunt in this very historic and haunted fort. This is for all and worth every $, really was more than we expected and David was amazing. We talked all about it still the next day. What a blast! This needs to be on everyone's list!

– Paul M • Google
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This place was amazing. Highly recommend to take the doll seriously, though. I felt such a presence being in this building and had a great time learning about the history and the stories that surround this building and the things inside. An absolute MUST do when visiting the keys! 👻 The tour guide is both dedicated and knowledge. I can't wait to do this again!

– Leslie L • Google
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This was such a fun and spooky experience, there was a lot of real ghostly activity throughout our time here. We got to use ghost hunting equipment and David gets everyone involved, he was great. I definitely recommend the Count con Cosel book in the gift shop, I couldn’t put it down.

– Chloe C • Google
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Right off the bat everything was amazing! The energy, the interaction, all of it was wonderful. This was my first actual ghost hunt/lockdown essentially and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. My sister and I both started looking through our photos and the amount of anomalies is INSANE!! I will see you guys next time for the VIP tour 💕🤘🏻 Also, thanks Robert!

– Maggie L • Google
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Great tour! David is the ultimate doll-tender and an amazing storyteller; just the perfect mix of history, theater and the supernatural. East Martello never looked so good, first-rate lighting created an awesome yet slightly spooky ambiance. Robert was on his best behavior and completely charmed our group. Bravo!

– Sheila S • Google