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The Truth About Robert the Doll’s Birthday

David Sloan gesturing to Robert the Doll

October 25, 2022

Happy birthday Robert the Doll!

Every year, Robert the Doll’s birthday is celebrated on October 25th, but the origins of Robert’s birthday have interesting ties to Key West’s history and Robert Eugene Otto.

Robert the Doll has received birthday greetings from two United States Presidents. He receives hundreds of letters each year, some wishing him a happy birthday and others apologizing to the haunted doll and asking him to remove his curse. Check out the video from the Robert the Doll Experience YouTube Channel for all of the details and the truth about Robert the Doll’s birthday.

Robert the Doll is on display at Key West’s Fort East Martello Museum. The Fort East Martello Museum is open most days from 10 am – 4 pm. Join a VIP Key West Ghost Tour with Robert the Doll with Ghost Key West.

Ghost Key West: Robert the Doll Experience.

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