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New in October 2022: Shock Docs – The Curse of Robert the Doll on Travel Channel & Discovery+

Robert the Doll sitting inside a glass case

Now streaming on Discovery+ is a new Shock Doc called The Curse of Robert the Doll. Producers reached out to David L. Sloan of Ghost Key West when they came up with the project, and Sloan was able to provide greater insight into Robert the Haunted Doll’s history and mysteries.

Sloan is the author of Robert the Doll, available on Amazon. He started researching Robert the Doll in 1996 before the doll was on display and uncovered most of the true stories that spawned legends attached to “the world’s most haunted doll.”

Check out the new documentary to learn more about Key West’s notorious haunting. And when you are ready to meet Robert in person, head to to book your Robert the Doll Ghost Tour. Ghost Key West is the only ghost tour in Key West where you actually get to meet Robert the Doll.

Happy Hauntings.


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