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Key West Celebrates Robert the Enchanted Doll Day

Robert the Doll sitting inside a glass case

October 22, 2022

Each year on October 22, Key West and the Florida Keys celebrate Robert the Doll with a special day named in his honor.

Robert the Enchanted Doll Day became official in 2006 when Mayor Morgan McPherson put forth a proclamation before the Key West City Commission making the day official.

The proclamation urges all citizens, residents, and visitors to “remember that our community has owed a deep debt of gratitude to Robert the Enchanted Doll for shouldering responsibility for much of the city’s psychic mischief.”

Robert the Enchanted Doll Day is not to be confused with Robert the Doll’s birthday, which is celebrated on October 25th.

Robert the Doll is on display at Key West’s Fort East Martello Museum. Join a VIP Key West Ghost Tour with Robert the Doll with Ghost Key West.

Ghost Key West: Robert the Doll Experience.

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