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Where Does Robert the Doll Live? How the Confusion Started.

Robert the doll sitting inside a glass case

October 20, 2022

A popular question on the Key West ghost tour at Fort East Martello Museum: “Is this the real Robert the Doll? I heard this is a replica and the real doll lives somewhere else.” Don’t worry. The doll haunting Fort East Martelllo Museum is 100% the real Robert the Doll.

It’s understandable why so my people ask, “Where is Robert the Doll?” The sources of the replica Robert legend are fairly recent, so they were simple to trace back.

Check out the video from the Robert the Doll Experience YouTube channel for all of the details about the fake Robert the Doll, the legend that Zak Bagans owns Robert the Doll, and how to visit Robert the Doll today.

Robert the Doll is one of Key West’s best attractions. A visit to him tops the list of unusual things to do in Key West in 2022. For VIP Ghost Tours in Key West with Robert the Doll, visit Ghost Key West: Robert the Doll Experience. Ghost Key West is the only ghost tour where you get to encounter the real Robert the Doll.

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